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Divine Weekend is book two of the Naughty Weekend series,
is now available from Ellora's Cave Publishing.

I hope you like it ...

When Julia Chapman first sees drop-dead handsome Ben Russell at the helm of his boat, she's hooked. They meet soon after at a mutual friend's party but her hopes and dreams are shattered by his less-than-friendly behavior toward her.

Fighting the instant attraction he feels for the gorgeous school teacher, Ben pushes her away with borderline rudeness. But he soon finds he can't fight his growing desire for her.

When they finally come together, the sex is explosive and plentiful. She falls hard for him, and is happy beyond belief, until she hears a message on his answering machine a couple of months into their relationship and her perfect world collapses.




Now Released is LUSITANIAN STUD with Ellora's Cave:

Loved, loved, loved it!

Review: Lusitanian Stud (Tory Richards) ***** STARS 

This is the first book I've read by this author, and it won't be the last! I read Lusitanian Stud in one sitting, couldn't put it down. Well written, great plot that was paced just right, and smoking hot sex between the two main characters. More than that, the story tugs on your emotions. Every young woman who falls in love for the very first time, and endures a separation from the man she loves, will be able to relate to this story in some way.


Review: Lusitanian Stud (Ngo BookReview)

Wow what a utterly amazing book. I blushed a little in certain parts. But I really enjoyed it such a lot.
What I liked about it there was erotic parts, the parts that made me blush, but it was not full on erotic it was very subtle. It had a amazing story line that I was totally hooked from page 1.
Hot storyline, heart beating so fast, pulse missing too many beats and a damn hot latin rugged and oh so demanding hero.
Lusitanian Stud is the first book I have read by the amazing Francesca St.Claire and I can honestly say that it totally and utterly won't be my last.
Francesca your books are going to be filling my R&R bookshelf.
Thank you so very much Francesca your book was simply the best.
So everyone you HAVE !!!! To buy this book.
I know even though it will make you blush a little you are going to love it so much.
It's a amazing book xx

Eighteen-year-old Sarah falls in love with gorgeous Diogo while on vacation in Portugal. But their steamy romance is short-lived. Found in bed by her grandmother, she is sent back to the States straight away.
Seven years later, Sarah returns to Portugal, and she's not thrilled to discover her smoking-hot first lover Diogo is also back in town.
She can't seem to forgive him for not staying in touch all those years ago, but neither can she deny the heat of attraction between them now. Sex is just as exciting and fulfilling as she remembered, but to overcome her past pain, she must first learn the reason for his extended silence.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora's Cave





Magazine editor Samantha Parker meets her new neighbour Stephen Parker over a wrong mail delivery. The attraction is fast and strong, the desire to taste his sexy mouth fierce. But a previous bad experience with a neighbour prevents her from acting upon her urges. The question is, for how long?

As soon as their eyes meet Stephen Parker is hooked. Determined to take what he desires—his stunning new neighbour—he won’t give up on his plans even though she flatly refuses his invitation for homemade pasta. But there is always a next time and Stephen doesn’t quit easily, he’ll just bide his time until another opportunity arises.



Total-E-Bound Publishing

Review: You Gotta Read Reviews (Donna) **** STARS

Stephen is a new tenant in Samantha's building, and there are serious sparks upon first meeting. But Samantha is determined to follow her rule of never dating a neighbor…until she can no longer resist.

Dream Neighbour is a super short story with a quick hook, a slow burn, and a nice long simmer…of sultry, steamy sex. There is not much room for character development or growth, but the hero and heroine seem pretty stable from the beginning. Overall, it is an arousing quick read.

: The Jeep Diva (Vanessa Romano) **** STARS

This was a clever little short: fearing the awkwardness if something should go amiss, Samantha Parker is ignoring the palpable electric vibes that come off her neighbour Stephen Parker. She's opened his mail; he saw her adjusting her stockings in the elevator, what would be wrong with a casual night out, or in? It's not as if there isn't an itch needing to be scratched, and her endless nights of erotic dreams and the battery operated boyfriend are nothing like the real deal.

With plenty of verbal foreplay and some pretty arousing fantasies voiced by Samantha, this is a steamy short read that will set your heart beating a quick tattoo. By the time they finally manage to sate their desires, all you can do is enjoy the ride: almost as much as Samantha does.

Francesca St.Claire has created one very hot little story that will have readers panting. 

Join me with my recent Interview on "Female First" and learn more about Dream Neighbour, and what makes me tick!


From the moment the beautiful brunette entered the ski resort’s crowded bar, Nick Dahlberg was hooked. As if her natural glow and smiling brown eyes aren’t arousing enough, when she removes her bulky vest, her sexy contours send his imagination—and libido—into overdrive. What fun a sinful weekend with her would be.

The yearly vacation with her best friends from college dictates no flirting, but when Stephanie notices the tall blond staring at her from across the room, lust coils and heat instantly ignites between them. The man is yummy with a capital Y. 

The following day brings them face-to-face, and his invitation to explore a secluded ski run is too tempting to resist. Thankfully her friends are leaving before the weekend, because Stephanie finds she can’t say no to spending time with Nick…or the long list of delightful pleasures his naughty imagination has in mind.

Another Winner!

Review: Sinful Weekend (Tory Richards) **** STARS 

This is the second short story I've read by this author and I have to say she definitely knows how to write a hot romance!
The bedroom scenes are scorching! I found the story well paced, believable plot, and the characters very likable.
Stephanie and Nick seemed well suited to one another and their instant attraction panned out into a weekend of skiing, and getting to know one another, both mentally and physically. I totally enjoyed the feel good ending!


Review: The Night Owl Reviews (VRainey) **** STARS

Nick Dahlberg is captivated the minute he sees Stephanie enter the ski resorts bar. She has a body that sends his libido into overdrive. Stephanie is at the resort to vacation with her best friends from college. Therefore, she tries to stay away from the hunky guy she spots. Her friends leave before the weekend, so Nick and Stephanie spend the weekend indulging in his naughty imagination.

I enjoyed the fact that Stephanie wanted to spend her time with her friends and not a guy. I also liked how Nick was willing to wait until Stephanie’s friends left. The chemistry between Nick and Stephanie is off the charts explosive. The sex is hot and explosive.

I loved the ending to this story. Normally I am not fond of short stories but this was a wonderful hot story. I hope to see more from these characters in the future.



A Romantica® erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave



Joe Bradley was the love—and heartbreak—of her life.

But that was all in the past. Eight years later Melissa has moved on and made a life for herself—she has a successful career she is proud of and a new boyfriend she likes.

Then Joe re-enters her life, arousing the past, confusing the present, and threatening the future of her existing relationship, as well as her peace of mind by claiming a place in her heart that he no longer deserves.
But how is she going to cope with the constant reminder of the past, her emotional turmoil, and deep-rooted resentment when the reason for all three is now her new boss?

Joe believed once separation was best for them. Now he wants what he foolishly threw away, and is determined to have it back.

Review: The Jeep Diva (Evelisa) **** STARS


Quick and sexy was Francesca St. Claire’s Arousing Past. Melissa has tried the past eight years to get Joe out of her heart and mind, but when he suddenly reappeared in her life, she is transported back to memories that won’t go away.

Ms. St. Claire delivers a sensual, lustful story that gave promise when it appeared reconciliation was not in sight. Melissa was a resilient character who even though she continued to pine for Joe, was able to go forth with her life. Emotionally she appeared insecure; professionally she was strong and spirited.

In my opinion, Joe was characterized as slightly egocentric in his endeavors to reclaim Melissa’s heart, but in reality his love for her overshadowed any self- serving traits. Ms. St. Claire delivered a true romantic who would not stop until he had the woman he loved in his arms and life.

The sex was stimulating and well written. Melissa and Joe ignited the pages as they came together. Arousing Past demonstrated that life can successfully come full circle and deliver an HEA.



Total-E-Bound Publishing


A one-night stand is something she never considered before—until now. Dinner is good but the sex is phenomenal. Still, she's surprised when an inpromtu invitation for an erotic trip on his sailing boat follows their amazing night together.

More days and nights of mind-numbing sex and, before she knows it, she’s lost her heart to him. She's got his lust, but his love is what she truly desires.

You Gotta Read Review (Donna) **** Stars

In-Flight Delight is an enchanting tale of finding love when
you least expect it. It is heartwarming, with sexy characters,
an interesting plot and just enough conflict to keep it realistic.

It is very well written with luscious sex scenes and steamy sex scenes…and wet sex scenes. Oh, and don't forget the frantic, against the door sex scenes. But surprisingly, given the title, there were no mile-high club sex scenes.

I am looking forward to reading more books by Ms. St. Claire. She definitely has erotically romantic flair in her bag of tricks,
and I can't wait to see what's next.




A Romantica® erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave



Managing three lovers simultaneously is no small feat, but Amanda Salt does it well. Each of them brings certain pleasures into the mix - emotionally tender Robert, highly physical Jack and insatiable Alex. But her perfectly arranged sex life is challenged when one of them asks her to stay in a monogamous relationship. Ridiculous. Why give up such a great balance?

While trying to decide her future, Amanda meets with each of her partners, assessing the state of their relationship. What she doesn't expect is self-discovery, or her true feelings regarding each of the men in her life. And that sex is that much hotter when one's heart becomes involved.



A Romantica® erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave






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